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April 23rd 2014


"the generation of miracles were all about winning. i began to doubt them…at the time, i hated basketball." - how kuroko changed their basketball 

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April 22nd 2014

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April 22nd 2014

I hate running.

But I’ll admit its been an interesting change of lifestyle to run laps around the neighborhood at night. My wrist still hurts so I haven’t been playing sports.
Problem is still me, I always run till I feel like puking afterwards.

My coop company enters the sun run every year. Its a 10km marathon that’s happening this Sunday. They registered me to represent them as well this year placing high expectations as well since they know I’m athletic.

I couldn’t say “no I hate running” so I just went with it. Its not that I’m bad at it… I just find it boring.

They want me to run 10 km in 45 minutes. No problem right?…
I just hope it doesn’t rain.

April 22nd 2014

I’m actually afraid I’ll get too emotional if i start reading John Green books like “Fault in our Stars”.

It’s the same reason why I don’t watch dramas anymore.

April 22nd 2014

blubbernuggetss asked: Once you get this, you have to say five nice things you like about yourself publicly. Then send this to ten of your favorite followers!

Hahaha nice things huh? I guess it’ll be a good change from all this self pessimism. This is taking a long time for me to do. I’m still having trouble with this whole “self-worth” thing. 

Things I like about myself: 
1) Physically, I guess I’m pretty healthy. I drink lots of water, eat regularly and I’m athletic.

2) I have good eyes. Not physically. I mean, I’m blind without my glasses but I’m sharp in the sense of really “seeing” things. I can analyze people, books, characters, movies etc and really look deep into stuff. 

3) Intelligence. - I always complain about not being a true genius but, I guess should be thankful of what I have. My memory is better than just decent and I think a lot. In matter of fact, I think too much but, hey, it’s who I am.

4) I’m humorous. I like that about myself. I can make people laugh and in doing so, the process makes me laugh as well.

5) I have a heart. Truthfully, there’s something sharp in my mind all the time. I called it a conscious a while back. Sometimes I spend more time imagining myself in others shoes more-so than in my own. ENFJ is the giver, can’t be one without a heart right?

I’m flattered. Thanks Lisa =).

April 22nd 2014

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club -> Boys Eyes

(don’t know if it’s been done before…)

Part 1 | Part 2

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April 20th 2014

At this point in time, I don’t think I can truly ever be bothered with anyone unless you truly say the wrong shit to me.

I’m just that lonely and like the company.
Annoy me all you want.

April 20th 2014

I’m a lot like Kenshin huh? That’s what my friend said. I remind her of him. She’s referring I guess to my heart towards others.

"I hope you find your Kaoru someday." She says.

Isn’t that sweet of her to say…?

April 19th 2014

April 19th 2014

I’m not going to lie. What I’m doing now really breaks me.
There’s no off switch to my head. Nor my memory.

It sucks but I’ve been bitter to friends in my head.

"Love you to bits."
"I’ll be here for you."

That’s what they say.

… I don’t. believe any of you.

What do you know? When you’ve been through… ”nothing”.
It’s not your fault. It’s all mine.

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